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Conductor - Hovsep Dikran
The Light
The Light
Curriculum vitae

Today musicians are already tired from night performances, in dark and suffocating halls. The beauty ideas are best  inspired at sunrise, or at least at sunset with the help of the Light.

  My dream is some time to have the possibility to  conduct a concert at sunrise, in a glass- hall, orchestra and conductor in white, performing composers, who have more Light in their works. They are Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Bruckner and still two or three others. I imagine how could the listener feel after such a concert.

  The Light discerns the genuine artist from the fancy routinist. It is, whatever raises the player over the daily cares and brings the joy of the creative collaboration, bearing faith in the future.

"Everest", Nikolai Roerich

" All modern people, societies and nations suffer from the lack of light. It exists plentiful in the outer world but doesn't remain inside us. Inside it is a little; there aren't conditions to exhibit inside us in the present state of the human being. As a result of that there generate all the negative feelings, which now obstruct the development of the mankind and eat away its organism; impede its mind and deprave its heart. If you doubt it , place an individual in an unsanitary lodging with scarce light in it and you will notice for some years all the difference that can appear in the disorganizing of the individual ,in the decadence of his intellectual abilities and his morality. "
Beinsa Duno